Happy “new me” day !

Today is the day we all decide to wipe the slate clean, set new goals and challenges, new “healthy eating plan”, new year, new me.

I went to bed with a grand idea that I would start the new year with a positive attitude to running! (Hilarious I know) that lasted about as long as it took me to drive the 2.9 miles to the New Years Day Parkrun at Linford Wood. As I sat in the car at 8:30am I seriously contemplated driving back home to bed. At the start line despite seeing lots of my lovely running friends I had almost decided not to run, and then I saw Amy, I stole her from her mother with the promise of a gentle run…. I had to run now! (Sometimes I just need to make sure I have a reason to cross the start line)

Linford Wood is not a regular haunt of mine but I had volunteered to Marshall at my home Parkrun and was challenged to run Linford. Willen was doing a special late start to enable people to run the “double” I decided “why not”

Why not? because running after consuming half a bottle of Prosecco is never a smart move

Because 618 other people also decided to run Linford Wood today so it was pretty busy even at the back

Because by the end of mile one I felt like my heart was going to explode and take my lung out with it

Because by the half way point I had sent Amy on, I sounded like a steam train and she had barely broken sweat so I invited her to carry on while I had a little walk !

Because Linford Wood is a twisty course, with lots of crappy ups and downs through underpasses, at one point you have a clear view of people who are about half a mile ahead and then you enter the woods. In the summer the path is narrow due to overgrown vegetation, nettles, bluebells and the like, in the winter it’s fabulously clear and open, you can see a long way into the woods and that means you can see the next corner clearly, unfortunately that corner is NOT the corner that leads to the finish, and neither is the next, or the next.

Because each twisting corner feels like it should be the last but isn’t and even when you reach that last corner, you have 250metres of straight to run with the 400 already finished runners walking back the other way

“Come on Lottey, nearly there” fuck off

“Well done Lottey, great running” fuck you

Last bit, sprint finish” seriously? Go fuck yourself

That’s why not !

So, happy “new me” day, I’m positive my attitude to running hasn’t changed and I still don’t like running

(Did score a Linford Wood parkrun PB though!)