I’m stuck in my bed and I can’t move !

I am lying here in my bed literally crossing my legs trying not to pee, the bathroom (the lovely one has an en-suite) is approximately 9 steps away and I don’t think I can make it.

England Athletics presented a movement skills and drills course to the clubs run leads last night, brilliant session, great laugh, but now I can’t actually move.

We started off with a little chat, slide show, write on a flip chart kinda thing which was all well and good except every time I shouted out an answer (in a very confident voice I’ll have you know) it was wrong !

It appears I squat every time I sit in a chair, well I can assure you, in my case it’s more of a turn and flop than a squat, but he’s the expert so I’ll take it.

Annette said I have very good form when I squat, it was certainly better than blind Simons (yes, he is actually blind, we don’t just call him that for fun) who was contorted into some bizarre shape with his arse practically touching the floor but his knees and elbows all over the place and his back hunched over like Quasimodo. Annette and I tried to correct his form, but it didn’t help much.

We moved on to outside drills, where everyone had to do a variety of movement skills, it’s actually brilliant to watch runners who you admire, or who can bang out 7 marathons in 7 days struggling to walk on their heels up a 20 metre section of track, or to watch the “speedy fuckers” doing a high knees run that must include at least 30 steps.

We did hurdles and sideways hurdles and other such delights, not much running involved but l did learn how to skip !! (Which means I won’t look like a demented hippo on ice next time we do it at intervals)

But OH MY GOD !!! I can’t flipping move this morning. I have actually been for that pee I mentioned earlier, it was a painful affair, (not the actual peeing) my legs are completely dead and do not want to move, so it’s a pretty good job I’m not doing intervals tonight because there is no way I’m doing relays on these legs !