Wow !!!!

What a day, what an amazing incredible day!

Today I have actually enjoyed running. (Yep, that’s right, I actually enjoyed running)

My day began at beginners graduation where I had the absolute privilege of buddying Sue, what a stubborn, determined, bull headed champion of the first degree she is. Absolutely nothing was going to stop her achieving her goal today and I was very happy to chat complete and utter bollocks to her while she did it!!

As a bonus, a lovely lady called Helen tagged along and I “encouraged” her to complete her parkrun without walking a single step.

What can possibly be better than helping someone to complete their first parkrun? Helping two people !!

Leigh was out with her camera, and managed to get not just one photo of me that I really like, but she captured 4 (yes 4) absolutely fucking brilliant photos, I am delighted with them.

I went to the cafe afterwards and instead of my usual latte with a cake I just had a cup of tea and a Diet Coke then home for a quick bite to eat before I headed to oxford for more running.

In oxford, I ran at farmoor reservoir with a group of beginners, they were brilliant, and one of them is just about a pace I would like to get back to running at so my plan is to run with her as much as I can for as long as I can actually keep up with her.

I’m chuffed to bits with being able to hold out at about 12ish min/mile pace for each run section!

So today, I have helped two people achieve a running goal, proved to my son in law that he CAN run for more than 60 seconds, run 3.1 miles non stop for the first time in far too bloody long, and proved to myself that I can run at a decent pace for more than 30 seconds without dying!!

If only I could capture today and feel like this every time I run.