Core classes šŸ˜±

OMG what kind of evil sadistic sod puts core classes on a running training plan?

Annette does!

I have decided that the reason she did this is because in comparison to the “core leader” Annette is a pussy cat !! Even at her most evil, her stuff is no where near as tough as core.

The ONLY plus to core is that each exercise only lasts for 30 seconds, which I can assure you is more than long enough for some exercises.

I’m knackered after the warm up and we haven’t got to anything particularly strenuous yet!

Core is split into 3 sections, I have no clue what they are really called but I call them my poor thighs, you’re having a laugh and yay lying down stuff.

My poor thighs is (in my limited experience) usually squats, lunges, high knees etc.

You’re having a laugh includes planks, walking planks, mountain climbers, planks with shoulder taps

Yay, lying down stuff is glute bridges, sit ups, supermans etc

Tonight’s delights had me sweating after about 5 minutes and wondering if I would ever be able to do the inchworm walk out things, and each exercise just seemed to get harder. Eventually we moved onto the plank section where various options (none of which I can achieve) were given out. I went for the straight ” hold a plank for 30 seconds) option and guess what…. I nailed that fucker!!!

I gave a little whoop of delight and then completely failed the next exercise, but I don’t care, that 30 second plank was mine, I owned it, and not just once, to prove it wasn’t a fluke I nailed it again 5 minutes later.

So impressive was my plank that the leader of the class went on Facebook to say how amazing I was at core and how pleased Annette should be. I’m hopeful that this will get me a few brownie points and therefore an easier night at intervals tomorrow

Wish me luck with that one !