It doesn’t matter, They still love me!

Some days I have days of running brilliance ( well, brilliant for me) and other days a 3 legged hotdog could beat me to the “hare”, and recently all of my running appears to be the “not so brilliant” type !

My new training plan started on Monday, luckily it started with a rest day ( so far so good) then on Tuesday I was supposed to run 3 miles. Well of course that didn’t happen, I got caught up doing something else (luckily I was with my coach so I had the worlds best alibi) and it was agreed that I could do Tuesdays run on Wednesday. This also meant that the female half of the “welch on a deal duo” could also welch on her “if you haven’t run 3 miles non stop by then, we will do it together Tuesday” deal. (Its ok, I’m not bitter, I fully appreciate that Mr Welcher needs his dinner) so that left me running 3 miles on Wednesday. Knowing full well that if I went out to do this alone it would be a .10 mile run and a 2.9mile (if you are really fucking lucky) walk and that I probably wouldn’t even run that far, I decided to take advantage of the clubs Wednesday night gentle step up run. In reality, its about as gentle as being sat on by a bull elephant, but hey ho, needs must and all that.  Off we went round the “slightly shaded” section of the Mk24 route, a route I was totally unfamiliar with and if I am honest, having run the “easier” part of the route I doubt its a run I will contemplate when I’m sober.  I think I lasted about 4 minutes before the desire to walk set in and about 5 before the reality of walking arrived. Had I gone off too fast? nope I was running beside someone who runs slower than my normal pace, had I gone up a hill without realising? nope, a marble wouldn’t roll on that route – I must just be shit at running then!

Fairly soon, Pete the tail runner asked if I would take over tail duties so he could actually run, which was fine because I was dying at the back anyway and this meant I could stop (Sorry Annette) on we plodded and on, and on, and on.. fuck me was this run ever going to end? My feet just wouldn’t lift off the ground, I could actually hear my shoes scuffing along the gravel (scuffing is a pet hate of mine)  Eventually, after what seemed like forever we made it back to the start, I checked my watch 2.5 miles ( bollocks, not quite enough) I saw Louise rounding up so joined her for a final 1/2 a mile, she’s a bit flipping speedy and 1/4 mile in I cheekily sent her off for a loopback while I had a bloody rest, I have no idea why I thought I could keep up with her, she was running at less than 13 /min and I really cannot do that at the moment! I did enjoy it though and it was quite a nice pace, for about a minute, then it wasn’t so much fun. I ended that little jaunt on .54 confident that my watch would take some off but I would still be at the 3 miles on the plan.

clearly that didn’t work !

2.8 miles, ( the first bit was 2.3 not 2.5) I need a LARGE PRINT watch for my failing eyesight, or runners prescription glasses, or something. Perhaps I just need help !!

back home,  I was looking for positives from the run, and actually none of them are time or pace or distance related.

It was lovely to be out in the sunshine ( even if it was bloody hot) doing something.

It was lovely to be with people who were smiling and happy (no, not me, im not that bloody cheerful when I run)

What is actually really nice is that even though I haven’t been to many club runs lately, everyone is still really welcoming of the clubs grumpiest, most miserable runner!