Why ? Just why

I woke up this morning and realised to my delight that not only did I have NO work, but also I have NO RUNNING to do (well I don’t think I have but my plan is on my work laptop and it’s a sin to open work lap tops on a bank holiday right) so I’m assuming I have no running today, I don’t run on Tuesdays (and I’m going out for Dinner tomorrow) and Wednesday I’m supposed to be going back to core but I’ve heard that “move up too” are doing a 6 miler so I might do that instead. Anyway, excited at the idea of no running today I wondered if I should have a little competition with myself to see just how few steps I could achieve! I’m currently on 298, with no plans to break 300 any time soon.

I was just looking through my calendar (praising myself for not putting my run plan in it, because then I would know for sure that I have to run today) when I saw that next Sunday I am running at Blenheim Palace. A cheeky little 7k run that is strangely nice, absolutely stunning surroundings, although disappointingly there are some hills and a section of “off road”, it was freezing cold and blowing a gale last year when I ran it with some of the club. I had agreed to stick with a slower runner and so we trotted round at her pace and had a rather nice if freezing morning.

Apparently I’m running it again this year and think I have made arrangements to run with another running friend of mine who I haven’t run with for a while but I have a feeling she is quicker than me now (let’s face it, it’s not hard to be quicker than me, but what I lack in pace I make up for in obscenities), it’s also the day of the London Marathon so I will be tracking some of my friends during the day.

Weather forecast is typically rubbish, (although I would rather run in the cool than in the heat)

So once again I think I’m going to be battling the elements, on a partially off road, hilly course. Why do I sign up for these things ?!