And so it begins….

I lead a run on Friday nights, its a group run for our local club Redway Runners. I am a qualified run lead (I might tell you more about how that came to be later when I run out of stories to tell) but for now suffice it to say I lead a run designed for runners who complete parkrun in 40 minutes or more.

I was asked on facebook, and in person a couple of times this week if I was leading my run this Friday (today) and I replied confidently “yes,  yes I am”  all the time silently thinking… I hope no one comes and I can go home, sit in the warm and watch tele, eat crisps, drink wine etc.

This morning, I read in our club announcements that “At 7.00pm the Gentle Step up run from the barriers to David Lloyd IS NOT ON TONIGHT” 

Bugger, shit and damn…… I’ve been telling people it definitely is on ! I could have had a night off, now I have to dress in my finest winter running gear, pretend I am not full of seasonal excess (which seems more likely to be year round excess rather than just seasonal) and make out that I can still run.  I haven’t actually contemplated any running type activity since parkrun last Saturday when I came home a staggering 464th out of 485 (3 of which were tail walkers!)

I have a feeling tonight is going to hurt. Who am I trying to kid, running always hurts, I am in my later years, I am in the morbidly obese side of the weight graph and I have what is sometimes called “runners bum” more poetically named piriformis syndrome. The reasons for Piriformis Syndrome can be from sitting for long periods, and running for long periods…, so does that mean i should just lie down for long periods? I really ought to get it treated professionally, but it just doesn’t feel right to go to a masseur and say “can you get the tight muscle in my butt”.

And so, back to tonight, I will go prepared, head torch, trainers, credit card and see how many I can persuade to run to the pub for a quick ” see in the new year early”!