What was I thinking ?

I have been selected (lucky me!) to walk to the top of the o2 arena (sometimes I can’t believe how bloody lucky I am) on 29th July, which just happens to be 2 days before my 55th birthday. (Please remember that as well as being old, I am grossly overweight, borderline unfit, and a miserable fucker when asked to do anything remotely energetic)

I was also “lucky” enough to get a ballot place into the Great North run last year and we know how well that turned out !

Anyway, there are a few things I would like to do before I leave this world, some are just normal, some are a little adventurous, some are bloody expensive and some are just downright crazy.

I would love to firewalk, go up in a hot air balloon, visit Disney land, go to an exotic holiday destination like Bali or Mauritius. Considering I’m not rich, I don’t do well with heights and generally I’m a bit of a fucking scaredy cat it’s unlikely any of the above will happen, but I keep putting myself forward for things in the basis that if other people are their I’ll be too embarrassed to cry, will pull my big girl pants up (which might serve as a parachute) and just crack on with it.

I was selected by a fabulous charity called Emilys’ Star who do wonderful things for premature babies, their mummies and daddies and also for babies and children with life limiting illnesses and syndromes.

A neonatal box which contains lots of fabulous things like teeny weeny clothes, and itsy bitsy nappies, and toothpaste, shampoo and stuff and costs about £40 to fill and distribute.

The purpose of me actually agreeing to this shit and put myself through a personal hell; in public where people I know will be able to report back to my friends about what a pathetic wimp I am (friends who current think I’m a tough cookie) is to raise money for the charity in order to help fund more of the things they do, I have committed to raise a minimum of £100 but would love to raise £160 which equates to 1 box for each of my children who were all lucky enough to be born health.

If anyone would like to put their Easter egg money, Mother’s Day card money, or Friday beer money to this venture, there is a little link below


If nothing else it will mean I can use my “swear pot” money to buy McDonald’s when (and if) I get back down!

Meanwhile I am off to a “movement skills and drills” course with the bitch and some other club run leads. Apparently it’s going to be fun?! (I’ll let you know) and we are going to be doing lots of different things to help promote better form and running action. Not that I’m a doubter, but I think I might be a bit of a challenge for the person running the course!