Time for reflection

At least 12 hours, many ibuprofen, a large brandy filled coffee (my god that was vile), a long hot shower and a good 9 hours sleep have passed and I now feel able to talk about yesterday without the words “fuck off” springing instantly to mind!

(Mind you, I haven’t tried walking further than the bathroom, that was painful enough)

My feet hurt, they don’t ache, they physically hurt, the bones hurt, my toes hurt, my ankles hurt. Everything else actually appears not too bad, no muscle soreness yet, my hip was very uncomfortable last night but seems ok this morning, my butt cheeks which usually ache (and ached all the way home yesterday) seem fine this morning- all in all I think I’m feeling ok (apart from my feet)

The run was actually pretty fucking awesome ! I know, I can hardly believe I am saying that, I enjoyed running with my friends knowing that we would be together the whole way no matter what, I enjoyed that we had a plan and actually that plan was working for us, we stuck to it until well past mile 10 when we agreed as a team to change it. I loved that on so many sections you were looping back so there were often other runners on the same bit of road you could encourage and cheer. I enjoyed the bands and the singers especially the drumming bands, I found them really good for encouraging my pace, I enjoyed looking out for the “landmarks” and learning a bit about London, there were a couple of inclines but nothing major, and the finish was hidden round a corner so it wasn’t teasing you from a long way off in the distance.

The medal is pretty epic, great design.

I didn’t use bag drop thankfully, it was bloody miles from the finish and it was down some steps . We looked for where the coach was and it was a 7 minute walk.

We headed off deciding we didn’t think we could physically make it back to the finish, luckily the coach driver let us back on.

Andy made the mistake of saying his legs didn’t hurt so he was sent to get McDonald’s while Rachael and I sat on the coach swearing !!

London Landmarks Half Marathon…. would I do it again??

Yes, I think I might 🤪