Graduation day

Tomorrow is graduation day for the latest set of beginner runners, 10 weeks ago they were gasping their last and trying to keep going until the whistle blew indicating the end of a 1 minute run section and the opportunity of a 30 second walk break !!

Poor buggers are now bitching and moaning and praying for the whistle to blow after at least 20 minutes of non stop running, often up hills, and over bridges (which are exceptionally hard to run over) canal bridges are the worst, steep as fuck and far to many of them in close proximity to where our beginners group meets.

Tomorrow they will run 5k, a few of them have already managed it, but they are speedy buggers who actually just need tripping up, not that I have anything against speedy buggers, but don’t be speedy and then moan about running 5k in 30 minutes, I’m still recovering from the bloody zigzags 30 minutes into Parkrun.

I won’t be with them tomorrow, I am doing something exciting (not that graduation isn’t exciting) but my weekend is a different kind of exciting. I hope to be able to tell you about it in a few months, but for now it’s a bit of a secret. Unfortunately there will be some running involved over the weekend, but I have no plans to run 5k.

I remember very clearly my graduation day, how pleased I was that I ran the whole way, how thrilled that I hadn’t needed to stop or walk, how many people there were, how exciting yet scary it was.

I had brown hair then (running with Annette (the bitch) soon changed that

I can only hope that the people I have helped to guide through these beginners courses find something joyous has come from it.

For me it has to be the number of amazing friends, the number of acquaintances, the number of “oh hi” people I meet as I walk round Tesco’s (other supermarkets are available). It’s not necessarily the running I enjoy, but I have made some amazing friends, and have allegedly influenced and encouraged many people (I hope they mean in a good way)

I wish all our new runners a happy graduation day, I did my best to warn you about running, how much it hurts, how you are never satisfied with your results, how much you will come to hate hills….. none of you listened, you all kept coming back.

Tomorrow is going to hurt and it seems it’s going to be fucking freezing too. It jolly well serves you right, instead of laughing at me week after week, you should have bloody listened !