Today I lead a small group of runners on what was meant to be a 5k run.

I haven’t actually run more than 1 run a week for about 3 months and I feel like I’m back to the beginning with my running (again)

With 6 eager people waiting to run one of whom excitedly told me how the Monday group had gone to see the lights in Newport’s and the other group had gone to see the lights at the marina. “Well on this run you will see two pubs and a church …. deal with it”

I pulled my big girl pants up and set off. Within about 50 yards Sue and I were overtaken by the 5 faster runners (who really should be in step up not gentle step up) I soon looped them round and back up the hill at Parkrun start !

You would think they would have learnt but oh no, they were soon overtaking again so i sent them for a loop of gullivers new car park. No sooner had they done that they were on our fucking tail again, nice people but far too fucking fast!!

Right, run up there to the yellow posts then catch us up I said sending them off in another direction (I hate trying to lead when 80% of the group is to fast for the run)

Round the corner and we headed for the underpasses they were on us again so I looped them up the hill to the village, even that didn’t slow them down.

Poor Sue copped all my grumpiness! Bless her, (sorry sue) it’s hard when the fastest people don’t know your route but you can’t let the slower runner go ahead to far because she’s female and it’s dark and well it’s just not right !!

Anyway…. I was thinking about cadence while I was running, following on from an interval session on cadence that I lead yesterday.

A good cadence is (apparently) 180 steps per minute 😂 fuck me, I don’t think my legs can move that fast !

Even when I did manage to run at 8:52 for a split second I didn’t get my cadence anywhere near 180!

I’m going to be playing around with cadence in the coming weeks and because I want to get back to running again in the new year. So if anyone has any idea how I can make my chunky and old legs move at 180 steps per minute I’d be grateful for your advice !