120 days of furlough

I don’t think I have had 120 consecutive days off work since my children were babies, my youngest is now 30.

I was furloughed on 4th May 2020 and recalled to work on 1st September 2020. I was furloughed for longer than I had actually worked for the company!

In honour of last Monday being the last Annette and Lottey Monday morning run, Annette said we could do “THE” run I have been wanting to do for ages. The “run with the animals” run

A 6 (ish) mile run that uses public footpaths and public rights if way around the back of a safari park and through a deer park.

We ran the route in reverse and I was very pleased to get almost a mile in at quite a quick pace before I needed to walk.

Simon came along as well, he is recovering from an injury. He makes me laugh and takes fab photos. He’s tall and nippy, and it must have frustrated the fuck out of him that he could walk as fast as I run. He was actually walking ten steps jogging 3 and he was keeping up with no problem.

We ran the route in reverse because Annette said the worst bit was running along the wall so we got that out the way.

I really really loved the route, lots of prettiness and lots of opportunity to walk!

Simon was commenting that there were no Elephants
He was looking the wrong way!

The path was a bit lumpy bumpy but actually not to bad, I’ve been on worse and the three of us chatted our way to 3 miles reasonably quickly.

The views were fabulous, and running with Annette is always a “pleasure” I think that run might actually have been the best run we did during furlough.

Usually by tonight we would be talking about tomorrow’s run, the where, the when, the how far. I’m kinda sad that we won’t be running tomorrow.

My running is almost back to zero again 😦 I know I need to run regularly to keep my fitness up, to keep my stamina up, to keep me going. I haven’t run since last Monday and I don’t know when I’ll be running again. For someone who hates running, it’s weird that I’m starting to miss it!

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