Monday is the new Thursday!

Monday mornings I run with Annette, we tell each other about our week and what has gone on, I know about her sons impressive exam results and the disappointment that the Covid algorithm handed out to this years exam takers.

She heard all about my house move and my plans for the house.

I moan at her, she listens and smiles sweetly. I’ve stopped telling her to “fuck off” it’s clear she isn’t going too, and just enjoys being abused by me.

Since furlough and a lifting of restrictions we have run together (ish) on different routes, we started off running through the woods and for the last 3 weeks we have tackled one of the MK 6 pack runs. Next week was meant to be my first of two 10k runs and she elected to do the “horrible one” first to “get it out if the way” !!

I think I can feel myself missing Thursday night intervals 😂 I’m sure they were easier than running for an hour.

Today’s delight was cow fields, 3 of them, back to back. I’m not a lover of running through cow fields. Not only are they generally full of shit, but cows can randomly chase you and Annette is a lot fucking faster than me.

Considering I walked through the 3 cow fields I’m quite impressed that I matched last weeks 6k time.

Got a shiny segment trophy too!

Considering how much I walked, I’m pleased with this, and you can actually tell where I saw the finish post !

Got back from the run, went back to Robs for a shower (still can’t contemplate using the bathroom in my house) and I received a phone call from my boss.

My furlough is ending (Yay) they need me back at work (Yay) as of next Tuesday (Yay) …. no more running on a Monday morning (Boo)

No “horrible” 10k next week (YAY)

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