This face!

This is the face of a lady who has run this route twice already, and has run it again with me this morning simply for the joy of hearing me say “fuck” (which I did, quite a lot in comparison to recent runs)

This face …. is me pretending I enjoyed it !

Today we did “escape mk” a 6k route which forms parts of the 6pack run. It’s mainly trail (guess who didn’t wear trail shoes) it’s been pissing down pretty much non stop for a week so I was dodging puddles and trying not to slide over on my arse. The trees where dripping water down my neck and it was ridiculously muggy. All in all perfect conditions for a grumpy run.

When you start your running journey, everyone says “it will get easier” this is perhaps the biggest pile of bullshit ever. It doesn’t EVER get easier, every time I run I spend most of the run picking a spot ahead and hoping I don’t die before I get there.

Today was no different, 59 minutes and 57 seconds of picking a spot and telling myself not to quit. Sometimes it worked, too often it didn’t. I used to be able to run 5k reasonably comfortably, now I’m lucky to run 5 yards

My gait is awful, my cadence appalling, my attitude stinks and everything hurts, before during and after. Running and me just never seem to get along. Not helped by the fact that I got wet socks this morning. Wet socks is pretty close on the “grim” scale to wet knickers… and I bloody hate have wet knickers.

BitchyMcBitchface regularly looks at her watch when we are running and I doubt she’s looking for directions, I often wonder if she is thinking …”definitely gonna get a slowest mile today ” or something else, but bollocks to it, she invites me back every week so I reckon she has me marked in her calendar as “easy run”!!

I have decided that my excuse this week for poor running performance is last weeks house move, I have spent every single day scraping painted woodchip and other delights off the walls….. I am never using wallpaper. This house will be painted entirely. Wallpaper sucks.

I reckon Herman can run faster than me

I have a new friend, he’s called Herman, he’s pretty cute. I am seriously considering getting him a live girlfriend! I thought my grandchildren would like him, but they seem disappointed that he’s not real. He really suits the garden though, I’m very pleased I have him and he makes me smile.

Anyway, Monday run with Annette done, didn’t love it, but not entirely sure if I hated it (did hate the wet socks though)

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