I’m back!

I spent a glorious week in Cornwall with my sister and my cousin. We had booked it in January and luckily everything fell into place nicely. The 2 household rule worked out well for us and we were able to (with some slight tweaks to arrangements) stay pretty much within the guidance.

Other than “have you got your mask” instead of “have you got a coat” things went smoothly and a fabulous time was had by all

It was also my birthday while we were away, but I still managed to have birthday cake (thanks Sis)

We walked fucking miles…. literally miles! Along 6 inch wide coastal paths miles up a cliff top. Wtf ?! The views were glorious but my legs were killing me every single day.

The Shard in London has 95 floors.

The Empire State Building has 102.

The Shanghai Tower has 128.

134 floors up, 116 down that’s a shit load of floors to be climbing when you’re on your bloody holiday I can tell you!

We walked over 30 miles

Considering one day we didn’t leave the house until 3pm that’s not bad going

When I came home I realised that I hadn’t run, not once, not a step, all week. I had diligently packed my running gear and had not even thought about getting out onto the road for a “quick mile or two” hadn’t thought about a slow mile either if I’m honest. Why do I pack my running stuff kidding myself that I’ll run and then ignore my trainers all week

They even had a treadmill at the property…. I walked past it every night to go to bed!

And then…. Monday arrived, and it’s time to meet Annette and run 😱

This, is going to hurt !!! (A lot)

Off to the woods (because she loves it, and because which ever way you go it’s fucking hilly) we ran a sweet little triangle which just the one not too awful hill …. which by the way I ran all the way up (surprised the fuck out of Annette I can tell you) and we were back at the car in super quick time.

Someone decided that I hadn’t run far enough so we headed off again in the other direction

Look at that !!! What a hill

I don’t know why I’m moaning, I should know by now that running with Annette means dirty feet and bloody sore legs!

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