I’m still actually trying to run !

Yesterday I ran with the run/walk group taking on a section of the boundary run. We did a 4.5 (ish) mile route beside the river then up the canal towpath

I arrived at the meeting point with about 3 seconds to spare, and was greeted by 5 other runners, two of whom announced they needed a wee and another needed a shit. Like seriously?? You couldn’t do these things before you left home, or before I arrived? Were you not taught to “squeeze one out”

Apparently the run lead was relying on me to give directions, which is fine but the additional responsibility of finding suitable place for 3 people to do private things on a beautiful sunny morning was quite stressful.

Less than 5 minutes into the run and 1 runner had succumbed to their bladders needs and whipped behind a bush.

The run went well, we navigated successfully with no missed turns and saw some stunning canal side houses. a heron, and swans with cygnets

Now, I’m not usually a wimp but when a protective swan on a towpath with her babies, decides she doesn’t want to move, I’m not going to make her!

We were about 20 feet from the end of our run, the bridge where we are due to leave the canal was soooo close. But that bastard swan had obviously had a bad night and wasn’t letting us past.

Eventually (when he had stopped laughing) a man in a boat chucked some bread and tempted her away so we could sneak past.

Which leads me to today, the new Annette day, trail day……

Annette chose sandy lane today. And we headed down almost straight away. Unusual for me, I missed my footing and turned my foot right over (didn’t fall though)

Is that lump meant to be there ?!

We ended up at a place called “the sand pit” it’s pretty awesome, pretty bastard hilly too.

About 1.5 miles in, Annette disappeared

I can see you !

Wonder if she also needed a shit?

It’s become a bit of a thing now, Annette, mud and hills, today we did the equivalent of 29 floors – that’s insane. (Oh and I might have got Annette her slowest ever mile.)

AND I ran farther than Annette up a hill (go me)

Next time we are doing the safari park run, a run I have wanted to do for ages but I feel I’m too slow to do it with the club. I hope it doesn’t disappoint

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