Only me!

Yesterday I ran 5 miles mostly along canal towpaths, following the “beat the barge” route. It was hot, really hot and 5 miles is a bloody long way! My plan said to run 70 minutes … I ran 73 (go me) I even managed to run up to the bridge at the Bancroft end of railway walk (something I’ve never managed or actually wanted to do before)

Despite still aching from that, and having far to much wine with my dinner last night, I woke up bright and breezy and eager for my Monday Annette run.

The other week i splashed out and bought some new trainers specifically designed (and purchased) for trail running. I have… since last Monday… lost them!

I have absolutely no chuffing clue where they are, or where they might be.

This morning, I put on my white new balance trainers and drove to the woods to meet Annette, confident that my “trail shoes” were in my car. They weren’t.

And when has it rained enough for there to be muddy squelchy pits if blurgh to trudge through in the woods?

Anyway, I met Annette who also didn’t have trail shoes on and off we went into the woods for a “run”. I was still a bit grumpy about something that occurred last week so had a bit of a moan, which meant she was choosing the direction and for a change she chose downhill, it wasn’t too long before I realised where we were and announced “this is puke hill”

Bless her, Annette tried to fake surprise but I’m not as green as I look and I elected to walk up and divert off as quick as I could!!

Here’s puke hill

Most of today’s run was up… which means most of today’s run was actually walk, I did however manage to run up one hill all the way to the top without stopping (and without swearing)

Now I’m not one to moan…. but 34 floors before 9:30 on a Monday morning is ridiculous.

Eventually we made it back to the car park, we chatted for a while, I contemplated taking my trainers off and trying to keep my new car mats mud free, Annette sat on a log next to some stinging nettles (I chose not to warn her …. she deserves to be in pain after those hills)

Stupidly I asked what she was doing next “going for a real run with Paul CJ” she says

Oh how I hope those fucking stinging nettles got her !!

I think next week I’ll chose a route (trust me when I say that we won’t be doing 34 floors)

Ps…. if you know where my trails might be – I need them by tomorrow night when apparently I’m running through some random village somewhere 🤷‍♀️

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