Winging it 😱

Annette decided we were going to run in the woods again today.

Annette also has a new game “stress lottey out”

I know this will come as a surprise to many, but I like to be organised, I like plans and routines, I like times and clear written instructions, I like to know what to expect and I like to be prepared.

When I am planning things I put in mitigation and Emergancy plans, when travelling I make allowances for traffic, I have two (sometimes 3) copies of important paperwork etc.

“Winging it” and me, don’t make good company! “Winging it” is not sensible or logical or even enjoyable. “Winging it” is what you do when plan A,B,C and the back up Emergancy plan have all gone to shit!

Annette is a bitch!!!

My training plan (yes I have one) declared a 40 minute easy run with 6 x 30 second steady runs up a hill…. I told Annette and she (I think) rubbed her hands together with glee, a chance to beast me and I had suggested it.

We met at the woods as usual, me with a fully charged watch (Annette apparently not so fully charged as I was to find out later) and off into the woods we go.

Let’s head down here she says, ducking under a tree branch onto a path…. pretty soon we are on a road, and another road, and – back where we started 😂🥴

Wtf !! DONT wing it

She found another path, I looked longingly at my car and wondered- will I see you again in a few minutes OR never see you again 😂

Finally some actual woodland

We ran, and chatted, walked in places (but mainly ran), and then Annette found this beast! This is where she decided I would do my 6 x 30 second hill repeats. For once (unlike at intervals where she stands still and every one else runs) she did the repeats with me. I just hope she found it as hard as I did !

At the top of the hill, we decided it was time to head back, we used the “return to start” feature on our watches, at which point Annette announces that not only has she buggered up a setting and no longer gets paths, but she only has 20% battery life left on her watch 😱😱😱😱

How close to the car!

Luckily it wasn’t actually far to go, and her watch didn’t die on the way, with her natural sense of direction we could have been walking round in circles for hours, except… my watch was fully charged, had paths and I can actually follow it.

I know, I sound very ungrateful, but I am still traumatised! Next week I’m picking a route and she will just have to find a new way to freak me out!!

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