How many pairs of trainers does a girl need??

Recently Annette has been introducing me to the “joy” of trail running. Partly because I am furloughed and she is working from home, but mainly because she needs a reason to get out running and on Mondays I’m it!

Not sure who she suckers in the rest of the week, but if she has very kindly offered to run with you …. trust me when I say “it ain’t for your benefit” it’s for hers, if it wasn’t for us poor bastards she would be sat on her arse on the sofa eating her way through snacks and growing out of her size small running shorts

With no sign of furlough ending and my lovely New Balance 880s taking a bit of a hammering over the last few weeks I decided to look at trail shoes. Within days I had a pair that actually fit my weird shaped feet and I scored them in the sale too.

Thank you tax rebate for my new shoes!

Luckily I got a tax rebate this year after changing jobs so that was helpful in paying for these nice clodhoppers

Off to the woods again this morning for my “Annette run” she wouldn’t share the route with me so I was kind of expecting hills and mud baths etc

She knows the way right ??? Does she heck, even with the route on her watch AND having test run it, we went off course so many time’s that she ended up swearing like a docker while I’m stood laughing (and resting) as she decides which path to try next!

Nope … still fucking lost!!

Magically she finds the right path where the hill is, and it’s a whopper

Yes, I ran up that !

I’m still waiting for this “amazing view” she keeps harping on about as we turn back on another path, it’s just up here (it wasn’t!)

This is her idea of 2.5 miles !! It probably was 2.5, the extra half was all the times we turned round and went back to find the right path !


Finally the view !! And in fairness it was fantastic, would have been shit loads easier just to walk down the side of the church to get to it though 😂

P.s the trainers were good, I think I’ll keep them 🙂

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