Day 39 of furlough

It’s been 81 days since lockdown began (23rd March 2020) and this year has been the year I missed my mother the least. Perhaps that’s what it takes to get you out of an annual fortnightly period of mourning that springs itself upon you unabated despite two decades having passed since her death.

“A global pandemic is the cure for bereavement depression” …. not sure it will catch on somehow

I have survived 39 days of furlough, during which I have wasted many an hour in the garden enjoying the sunshine and the blue tits, watching a pair of cheeky robins, and being frustrated by a pair of pigeons that decided that my fence was THE place to shag, repeatedly, for several days!

I have done some study towards my Nebosh Fire certificate (not as much as planned, but some)

I have been painting pictures – many of which soon went in the shredder, but some I kept.

I have packed most of the contents of my house into boxes, and re-opened many of those boxes to find things!

I have discovered the “joy” of trail running, best bits – Annette let’s me walk & so far the scenery has been pretty fucking cool. Worst bits – your feet and legs get absolutely bloody minging and you do actually have to run (a lot)

Last night I returned to intervals, club sessions are back with limited numbers, and the best bit about last nights session was there was no tedious “run out” to where the session is being held. I cycled there and back, which was a bit of a mistake but otherwise it was actually a really good session, as always I was miles behind everyone else pace wise but as we ran in circles it didn’t matter. I ran pretty fast for me, too fast at times and struggled to finish the set times, but pace wise I was pleased. Next week it’s puke hill, somewhere I’ve always fancied trying but never had the guts to do, having a small group of runners makes it less daunting, only 4 other people to embarrass myself in front of.

This week, I’ve had trouble sleeping, I’m waking up later, and if I’m honest, I’m a little bored during the day, the weather isn’t great, there’s no more packing to do, I could bake, but then I’d want to eat it, so this week has been a bit meh! Last night I was in bed by 11 (earliest time in several days) and asleep in minutes, but wide awake at 5:30. It was quite nice having a chat with himself before he went to work, but now…. I’ve been up for hours and done everything except gone to the shop for milk!

I need to start upping my distances just incase Great North Run goes ahead, with schools not expected to be back before September, I think it’s pretty unlikely that any major events will go ahead this year.

Rob keeps asking what I want for my birthday…. a meal out? (can’t do that) weekend away? (can’t do that) a trip to the theatre? (can’t do that) new undies then …. fuck off !

Think I’ll put a jumper on and go and clean my car, it’s unbelievably messy, and hopefully soon it’s going to replaced with something else (I think I want a C3 aircross)

If anyone has any suggestions that might be mildly more exciting than cleaning, tidying, shopping or running – please let me know !

3 thoughts on “Day 39 of furlough

  1. I think that in terms of bereavement depression, it has changed to thank fuck I haven’t got to worry about aged parents getting the virus! I know I have made that comment re deceased parents (both mine and his) several times during this pandemic. As for something to do, well, you may be able to go out for a birthday meal by 31st, or plan a holiday for next year?


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