Fuck me, I’m filthy!!

“Come up to the woods” she said

“It’ll be fun” she said

“I’ll plot a route on my new watch” she said

If Annette ever invites you to try trail running with her, you need to consider VERY carefully before you say yes! It hasn’t rained for weeks and yet I have still returned home looking like I haven’t bathed for years

What’s worse is …. it’s even inside my socks 🤢 (sorry about the manky foot photo)

Grim !

She never warned me about that….

She sent me the route via Strava, 2.6miles with one hill. I checked, not that I don’t trust her, but she’s ones of those “we’re nearly there” types 3 miles into a half !

Rhododendrons?? No fucking idea

Saw some pretty flowers, took a picture (caught my breath)

Trees?! (Fairly confident about that)

The trees were pretty (well, as pretty as trees get )

We ran up, we ran down, we revisited paths we had just taken, turned around more than once, and dodged more than our fair share of holly bushes.

Annette loved it !!! She chatted non stop the whole way, which was fortunate because it masked my heavy breathing. I did plead to a couple of walkers for them to save me but they just laughed at my obvious distress.

3.43 miles of woodland wandering a, pretty much most of it “off course” but you know what ??

I didn’t hate it !! It was actually quite good fun, apart from the hills, the heat, and returning home muckier than “stig of the dump”

I’m fact….. I might even do it again – thank you Annette for my introduction to trail running

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