Ran a bit …. didn’t die!

Today I helped (hindered) at beginners, i actually really enjoy it, not because there are people who are slower than me (although that helps) but because there are people who believe they can’t, and I get to help them believe they can.

It’s incredibly good for the soul this helping people malarkey!

I’ve been feeling pretty shit for the last couple of days, but after helping at beginners I can honestly say that I felt uplifted. It had absolutely fuck all to do with running, but all to do with seeing people achieve things they don’t believe they can achieve and helping them change the “I can’t” to “fuck me I did”

One lady today said she doesn’t believe that in 7 weeks time she will be able to run for 20 minutes non stop (she will), she also doubted she could run up the zig zags (she did… twice)

She also said that I am “like a good bra”

I’ve been called a lot fucking worse !!

We actually covered 2 miles today, that’s not to shabby for week fucking 3, I bet most of them didn’t realise that when they were moaning and whining on the way back to the car park, 2 miles, that’s 2/3rds of parkrun (if you forget the .1 of a mile) and… I actually didn’t do all the running, because I’m bloody lazy and Annette (the bitch) was on form and doing loopbacks up hills – fuck that, running hills is one thing, looping back on then is just plain sadistic.

Until next time 🙂

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