A lazy couple of weeks

I guess, I’d better start thinking about running again soon !!

I’ve had a lazy couple of weeks since the Great North Run (that wasn’t all that GREAT 🤣 ) but now I suppose I had better pull my big girl pants up and get back out there.

I feel like I am being thrown under a double decker bus in some areas, left completely alone in others and kind of over reaching massively in some places too. Rather like signing up for a fight with Mike Tyson when I’m the size of British bulldog when he was just a kid (remember him? When he did proper fake wrestling with big daddy, not fake fake wrestling in America)

Anyway, that’s by the by and really just a bit of a shitty excuse for not running, and WHAM before you know it, two weeks have passed and I haven’t run for more than 4 minutes without walking and I’ve only actually turned up to one running session in that period of time.

So, I spent some time this afternoon and wrote myself a bit of a schedule

I’m going to share it with my coach and let her change it, it’s not really a plan, more of a “commitment to get off my fat arse” and will hopefully give me the drive to get back out there.

No specific goal in mind, other than to try different run days, run leads, run types… I might (shock, horror) have a go at cross country type running, I used to enjoy it as a kid, I need to get over my “urgh mud” thing and see if I can still enjoy it, who knows traipsing through muddy hilly woodland might do wonders for my stamina and pace, highly fucking unlikely, I’ve got more chance of falling over a twig and breaking my hip than getting a faster parkrun time these days, but as people keep saying “you miss every shot you don’t take” which is a phrase almost as bastard annoying as ” you are lapping everyone sat on the sofa” (I swear, that one makes me want to vomit)

So Monday I will go running (obviously I’m going running tomorrow too, it’s beginners after all) I’m going to have a go at my own interval session because I understand the importance of intervals (Intervals make you appreciate long slow runs)

I am of course talking complete bollocks, I won’t go running on Monday because I will find an excuse not too, but meh …. next week is looking like an emotional train wreck already and it hasn’t even started.

Perhaps I’ll just go running in Tuesday … nope got something in the diary already

Wednesday? Surprise “communal meal” at work which basically means I have to be nice to people I struggle to be nice too for an extra 3 fucking hours and watch them bastard drink while I’m on the diet frigging coke because I can’t actually trust myself not to call someone a “wanker” when I’m pissed which currently only takes about half a glass of anything with an alcohol content!

Thursday….. my new hobby of choir

Yay Friday, I’m free to run Friday, that’s a bloody good thing because I’m actually leading a run on Friday !!

So perhaps I’ll be having a lazy 3 weeks then not two! I will get back to running I promise, if for no other reason than I miss moaning about it !

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