I’ve been robbed

Last night at intervals at intervals my lovely running watch (a garmin 5s) gave me a trophy for something. I have absolutely no fucking clue what is was because I don’t wear my glasses when I am running and can barely see the screen at the best of times. I do know it was while I was doing a particularly spectacular piece of running UP A HILL on a 400m repeat section. Yes, Annette (the bitch) did make us run up a “tit” hill on a 400m repeat despite Victoria (the run bully) saying she didn’t think Annette was that mean…. I can tell you she really is!


This is why i call it “tit” hill

I then ran another spectacular bit of running along a flat 400m section ( even with a couple of seconds of a “fuck me i’m going to die” walk break ) and i earned myself another fucking trophy

Can i find those bastard things on strava or garmin, can i fuck, cant even find the fuckers on my watch. Now its not that i’m a trophy hunter or anything, but i want my fucking trophys back.

A: I want to know what i got the buggers for


B: I want to show off about them

I have searched the garmin site webpage, not just the app, and they are not there either.

It’s just not on šŸ˜¦

I mean, seriously….. look how fast my chubby old legs moved šŸ˜‚


That doesn’t happen very often and I like to brag when I get the chance


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