Oh Fuck… !

So yesterday this arrived

It is my “goal run” I want a sub 3hrs 30 minutes half marathon chip time. Yes, it does actually take me longer than that to run 13.1 miles

I have been training for this run for “forever”. In fact it feels like every run I have done since I did this last years has been quite simply so I can do better at this run this year. (3:41:33)

I wasn’t too worried about it, even when the lovely Pete offered to run with me I was quite relaxed. Then Annette (the bitch) said she wanted to “pace” me, and I was ok with that.

Now the number is here ……I am shitting myself !

What the fuck was I thinking? Mr bionic hip who has dropped about 6 mins a mile off his running pace and is bashing out pbs left right and centre, and Mrs I can bash out a half in a couple of hours without really thinking about it, are running with me (or I am running with them) for longer than they have ever had to put up with me before and I might lose two really good friends as a result !

I have recently enjoyed a refreshing tolerance towards running, I’m beginning to wonder if it will last another 4 weeks and help me survive 13.1 miles of “NO- you can’t walk” in one ear and “camera- formation flying” in the other !

I really want to feel that I have done a good job of this half and to walk away from it feeling like I have accomplished something, achieved something, done the best that I can do.

It’s going to be a rocky 4 weeks, but I’m buggered if I’m going to let it beat me

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