Where the fuck did that come from?

I have run the section of route locally called “the green mile” more than 50 times, 46 of them are recorded on strava.

Today I got a Pb ! 52 seconds faster than my previous best time of 12:59 back in May 2017 (that was also the day I got my one and only sub 40 parkrun.

I had to walk 3 times because like a twat I was going too fast and just couldn’t keep running without coughing up a bloody lung, but I didn’t walk for long, I wanted a sub 13 minute mile.

I loved and hated tonight’s run in equal measure, hated it because I didn’t run it and I’m wondering if I could have got a better time if I had set off slower, loved it because actually it was a bloody good run.

As usual I was last, I think some of them actually ran the mile in less than half the time I took, intervals is hard now it’s not step up and all the speedy fuckers run with us, it’s not them, they are lovely, it’s just deflating.

I’m not going to let the fact that I was last ruin tonight, I did brilliantly, I ran hard, I kept going and I achieved my goal (and then some)

I rocked a 12 minute mile – even with 3 walk breaks

Ps, if anyone sees a lung on the far side of willen lake, it’s mine !!

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