7 miles!

Today I ran 7 miles, more importantly I ran 7 miles which included a long slow incline which I ran all the way up (twice), in which I ran to and past my car twice (one of each) past an open pub serving breakfast, in which I didn’t moan, didn’t swear and didn’t complain. (It’s a miracle)

It drizzled occasionally during the run which was pleasant, and the temperature was a lot cooler which helped, but as we are now on week 3 of “not actually hating running” I’m beginning to wonder if I truly have turned the corner.

Not every mile was fabulous, mile 1 was brilliant, just 3 of us running at my pace for a half mile out and back, we chatted about marathon places and charity places and how the allocation works, it was interesting but hasn’t increased (or lessened) my desire to do one before I die.

Mile 2,3 & 4 I ran with the club step up run. Annette was the lead and she adopted the Pete method, it really does make a huge difference, I know it means the lead has to run like the clappers to catch the front up, but for us sloths at the back (now the front) it makes such a difference mentally, so thank you, it really is very much appreciated.

Mile 5,6 & 7 Victoria and I headed out alone, lots of reasons for this, one being there was a hill I didn’t want to run up and I knew the only way back to the pub was to run up it, but if I gauged my 3 miles right I would finish before the hill and be allowed to walk it !! Reason 2 I was running too fast with the club, it felt comfortable for the first 3 miles but I knew I wouldn’t be able to sustain it, but mostly reason 3 the extra is 30 minutes, that’s 2 miles for me, I knew that when everyone else finished extra, I would still have a mile to do and if I saw them stopping I would absolutely not want to keep running. So I made the choice to split off and run with just Vic. I knew Annette was surprised and perhaps a little upset but I had to do what I knew would get me to the 7 on my plan.

There were still loads of people in the pub when I got back too, which was lovely, sometimes going out in your own for extra means no one is left when you get back but there was a lovely crowd.

I sat with them and started chatting, a few minutes later (maybe 10-15) I felt very unwell, nauseous, dizzy, & sweaty. 🥴 What a fucking dilemma !! I need the bathroom, I’m going to be sick, 🤢 but moving my head makes the room spin, I need the bathroom I’m going to shit myself, 🥺 but moving my legs makes the room spin….. OMG I’m actually going to die, 👻 In a pub on a Sunday morning in a pile of my own 🤮& 💩 (yep, maybe slightly melodramatic, but that’s actually how it felt at the time). Had a slurp of tea, that didn’t help, had a slurp of coke, that didn’t help. Eyed up the sign that said “ladies” … god bless this pub for being the ONLY pub I know where the ladies is not up a bazillion stairs or in the furthest corner of the building. It was a straight line from where I was sitting, so I went for it !!!

Surprisingly by the time I got there, I didn’t feel sick or like I was going to shit myself, fucking typical! But it was nice to hide in there for a few minutes and get everything back under control. Annette was right behind me (I love that woman so much) and after a few minutes I felt well enough to go to my car and recline the seat until I felt normal.

What a fucking nightmare!! Hope that doesn’t happen again.

Lots of people checked on me, we really are lucky to have such amazing club members.

Even considering how unwell I felt at the end, I didn’t hate the run, in fact 6 miles of it were really very pleasant, so pleasant that I might try running again another day !

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