Went running again

Didn’t hate it …. again!

Yep that’s right, I did running (twice) and didn’t hate it. In fact I didn’t hate it and I even went running on my own once. I almost hated that one but not quite and actually ended up being pretty fucking chuffed with myself in the end.

On Wednesday I did (true story) attempt to drive round the streets of my village slow enough to record it as a run, but my car and my neighbours were complaining and making weird beeping noises, along with hand gestures (not my car) . Realising that it was not going to work I decided I had two choices, own up to “the bitch” and “the run bully” that I had missed a run OR pull up my enormous pants and get the fucking thing done.

I got it done (survivor syndrome kicked in). It wasn’t quite as planned, having not run alone for a long long time, but I did cover 2 miles and I was out of breath the whole way, more importantly I didn’t tell anyone to “fuck off” even the young men who were “oh so encouraging” just got a smile

On to Thursday, intervals, 200m repeats with what felt like a half marathon “slow” warm up. If that was slow….. I was stationary.

The actual 200m bit was ok, it was shorter than Annette said, always a bonus, and I actually quite enjoyed it. I particularly liked that Kayleigh was hanging onto the lamppost at the end if 200m and that she stopped running and started walking before I did on the run back! It’s great when someone who you aspire to run like dies before you do.

I was quite chuffed with my performance last night.

I’m wondering if I have actually turned a corner with my running, 9 runs now without hating it, they weren’t all “good” but I was positive and didn’t spend the whole fun praying for the end.

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