It’s all a bit scary

I am now on day 10 and run 7 of not hating running and if I am honest, I’m a little bit bloody scared !

Since I last blogged I have done a ridiculous amount of running and have actually enjoyed it all, well ok, maybe not ridiculous in relation to some people (but they are nutters) but ridiculous for me!

Friday night I had the pleasure of leading my gentle step up group, its meant to be a slow group for slower paced runners but we regularly end up with speedy people just because they want to run, that’s all well and good but I cant keep up with them so they end up doing a massive load of loop backs! One poor lad, a recent beginners graduate ( I do actually almost feel sorry for him… but not quite) did extended loops, a punishment loop ( I doubt he will cut a corner on my run again) and a really, really long out and back!! I think he probably doubled my distance and was still smiling at the end.

Saturday I ran with some beginners in oxford, we covered 2 miles, not bad considering this was only there 3rd week and they were only running for a maximum time of 4 minutes. once again my pace was pushed and I managed to get up to 12 minute miles (that’s pretty fucking nippy for me)

Sunday – long run day, oh how I dread Sundays again already. It is painful just thinking about Sundays at the moment, this week I decided to try doing my long run with the club, one of my favourite people in club was leading the step up run and despite having had a complete disaster of a run on my last step up, and also on my last run at this venue I decided to bite the bullet and do the step up, safe in the knowledge that I could at any time drop out and just run my long run with Victoria and that club would be ok with that. We did the first 45 minutes, Pete did loop backs completely differently to how they are usually done and it made the most incredible difference, It was quite simply brilliant and worked fantastically, I have never before on a step up run felt so comfortable. There was no pressure to keep up.  I know, I know, we can run at our own pace and all that bollocks, but when you are always at the back you feel compelled to run faster. I never felt like I was being left behind, yes I know we have a tail runner, but a 50 metre ( or more)  gap between you and the next person definitely feels like you are being left behind, I never felt like I was causing a problem. In fact, it felt like the faster runners had to catch me up ( which was a pretty good feeling to be fair) like this was a true tortoise and hare run, and every time the hares got close they fell down a rabbit hole and popped up a hundred metres further away. it was brilliant.

Despite this, I decided I wanted to finish my run with just Vic and I so we told the run lead and headed off to complete our 3.5 remaining miles alone. It rained a bit but I didn’t care, Vic made me stop so she could stretch her leg… I did moan a little about that, and I asked if I could have a ride in a babies buggy. but otherwise it all went spiffingly well !!


Is this what other people have? I remember talking to a beginner a couple of weeks before graduation and she asked ” if you hate running, and don’t get anything from it, why do you do it ?” I recall my reply was something along the lines of, I want to do it properly, if I don’t get the buzz, if I don’t enjoy it, then I obviously am doing it wrong… I am determined to keep going until I get it right, and then I can either give up ( because I have got it right) or I will want to keep going because I am enjoying it.

Am I enjoying it? have I finally got it right……… can I give up now ??

Who knows, I bloody well don’t. I just know that I am going to enjoy enjoying it while it lasts and keep my fingers crossed that it lasts a bit longer

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