A new me?

I think I’ve had an epiphany!!

Last weekend I had 3 runs back to back that I A: enjoyed

B: wasn’t shit at

C: completed the task without quitting

This is something of a miracle for me at the moment and I spent Sunday evening and most of Monday enjoying the fact that I had actually not hated any of my weekend runs and had (I think) actually enjoyed them. Having never truly enjoyed a run I was left wondering if this was what enjoying running felt like. This took me back 30 something years to my first baby was well and truly over cooked and I was unsure for hours if it was a fart brewing or labour pains.

I was so confused by my feelings that I was genuinely scared of running again in case it was actually a fart and that I would return to being shit and hating running again. So my planned 4 mile run on Tuesday became a ….. not quite 4 miles, in fact it wasn’t quite a mile and wasn’t quite a run. In fact, my running socks didn’t even come out of my undies drawer (yes, running socks are actually a thing and yes, I do actually have some)

Last night was interesting, it was Thursday, intervals day, I usually love Thursdays because no matter how shit I am, or how much it’s a crap run I can mostly find a spark of running genius and knock out 10 seconds of brilliance which is often enough to make me smile. The session last night was beacon hill, which for any of you who are not local, it looks like this

Fun huh !!

There is a pavement around the side which we run up and you can see the path (from the tree to the point) that super sporty elite athlete types run up.

The object was to charge up the hill (using the pavement) like a stampede of antelopes and when the first one reaches the pointy bit at the top, we all turn round and clatter down again.

I was fucking awesome !! I shouted encouragement to the super speedy runners and got them up that hill in record time, meaning if course that I only made it about a quarter of the way up.

We did this a few times, then myself and a couple of others made our way round the pavement path to the summit, while the bonkers lot did the grass path up the side a couple of times.

Normally this would be more than enough to dampen my enthusiasm, but oh no, I then RAN all the way back to our meeting point 3/4 of a mile away, AND kept up with Kayleigh, and that meant I was running at about 12 1/2 min miles (way faster than my normal plodding pace)

Even better, I actually didn’t hate it!!

4 runs, 4 successes.

Is this what people usually get from running? Have I finally found it?

Have I discovered the “joy of running”

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