What a weekend

I have had a great weekend of running, and that is something I don’t say very often, in fact…. I don’t think I have ever said it before.

Yesterday I helped a couple of ladies complete there first parkrun, both were brilliant and ran the whole way, which meant I also ran the whole way (something I haven’t done in far too long, possibly about 3 months) then I ran with another lady in oxford doing short intervals at a faster pace than I have managed for a while, then today ….

Today I ran 5 miles. Not just any 5 miles, but 5 miles with no swearing, no moaning, no temper tantrums, no tears, no quitting, and no stopping.

We had 2 “planned walks” through a tunnel that you can’t actually stand up in and over a broken bridge that looked a bit dangerous but we tried the divert and gave up on it because it was going miles out of our way. But this was absolutely minimal walking and totally necessary. I think Vic was a bit pissed off because she expected me to walk, and was banking on me walking !!

This weekend I have achieved 3 runs, of totally different types and got positive results from each one.

Today, i have proved to myself that I can run 5 miles without stopping and without dying.

My average pace was almost perfect for my 1/2 marathon goal and more importantly it felt pretty comfortable up to the last half mile and even then it was just a matter of wanting to get to the end before anything went wrong.

I was very very pleased to get that run done.

I think Vic is I. Shock though !

Week one of my half marathon training plan completed, it ended on a fantastic run, I’m almost looking forward to week 2

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