Trade Descriptions Act 1968

Today was intervals day, I haven’t run since Saturday and my running of late seems to me too be getting worse and worse.

I have always had a particular hate/hate relationship with intervals where I come away feeling particularly shit but look through my strava and find some snippet of brilliance that I excitedly send to Annette (often with bold declarations of love), this last few weeks I have not enjoyed intervals, I have not found any snippets of brilliance and have not declared my love for Annette. In fact, I am beginning to wonder if interval sessions are right for me at this point in time and perhaps I would be better off doing set intervals on my own.

When I went onto facebook this morning and posted my normal Thursday post, in response to which Annette said it was a “Step session with an additional ‘fun’ element” Well,  that was about as much fun as a dose of sickness and diahorrea.  I wish to complain in the strongest possible terms that the session was incorrectly described. There was absolutely NO fun element tonight.

I left before everyone else (there were 19 at the session) in order to give myself a chance to get there at the same time as everyone else and we went to the steps by the cricket club for drills, then we had to run to get to somewhere else, the whole fucking point of me setting off early is to save myself the total embarrassment of having to try and run with the group most of whom are considerable faster than me, and here I am having to run with the fucking group.

Its not that they are not really encouraging, or that they give me looks (they don’t) or any of that, they don’t even moan about having to wait for me to catch up or having to do loopbacks. Its just so much harder when you are constantly and continually 100 yards or more behind everyone else. It didn’t take long before they were out of sight and I was trudging up the grass hill on my own. 

A few minutes after I arrived where they stopped, they were off again, up the hill further. I could have cried. That hill was so high, so tough, running on grass is not something I do very willingly at the best of times and doing it up hill just made it a million times worse.

Annette offered me the opportunity to cut across some corners (some of which had very long grass and most likely snakes hidden in it) I declined the first time but soon realised that the only way I was going to be able to actually finish the session with everyone else would be to cut every corner and try and get ahead.

We ran up and around the side of the hill in campbell park, not beacon hill, oh no, that would be far to fucking easy, tonight we ran up the side of the park and round all the loops. It was shit, I was shit, running is shit.

If you look at this, it does appear that most of my actual running was at about 13:30 minute mile pace, which on a grassy hill is actually not shit, but it feels shit.

Eventually we make it back to the cricket club, but again only after I have been dramatically outpaced by the rest of the runners.  I decided that I had parked my car at the cricket club!! Annette is not having it and decides she is going to walk back with me, I am very conscious that everyone else has disappeared over the horizon again, but I really don’t give a shit, I am not running any fucking further, defeated by the demons in my head.

Just to make things worse, I was walking back to my car and went over hard on my ankle, and now my foot really bloody hurts.

All in all, I didn’t love today (sorry Annette)


One thought on “Trade Descriptions Act 1968

  1. Big hugs Lottey, the very fact that you keep persevering is amazing, you are inspirational even if you don’t realise it. I am so very proud of you, my youngest sister. You would beat me in a running race any day of the week.


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