I think I’m miss running (but I’m not sure!)

Saturday was a bit of a nightmare, although I did “run” almost 6 miles and I was available to provide first aid at the MK24 event, ( didn’t actually do anything apart from eat cake and drink cups of tea)  the event itself which was hugely successful by all accounts. Sunday I signed up for another bonkers event (I still can’t believe I did that) and true to form its now Wednesday and I haven’t actually run a step since Saturday morning!

I am using the excuse that “my training plan doesn’t start until July 1st” to be lazy and to choose not to go out running, when what I should be doing is taking advantage of the fact that I don’t HAVE to run, and go out and just enjoy running (if that’s even possible)

Why am I sulking? well, its quite simple, I am sulking because I have no reason to run, and therefore cant be arsed to run, and therefore I don’t run ( does that even make sense?) I hate running, I should be glad that I have no reason to run, even though I know how much 1st July is going to hurt!

I am also sulking because someone (you know who you are) made a bet with me, in front of witnesses and has now decide to wriggle and squiggle and squirm their way around the technicalities of the wording of the bet in order to get out of the bet. Personally I think they are just lacking self-belief in their running (for a change) and therefore are a teeny weeny bit scared that they might fail.

Adding to my reasons to sulk list is the bloody weather…. flipping cold the other day, boiling hot the next, pouring with rain yesterday, I am not sure what today is, I think its been a mixed bag, but either way, Its not helping with the “no desire to actually fucking run”

A bonus to not being arsed to go out running is I haven’t been up to my armpits in dirty stinking running clothes, which if I am honest is rather nice.

I could go to “track” tonight, pay my £1 and run round in circles for an hour, but I have eaten my body weight in skittles and cant bloody move now for fear of being sick. So I guess I will just sit on my arse and have another rest day, I have to run tomorrow anyway, so no point in wearing myself out tonight is there.

Oh and I have been a clever girl and volunteered to marshal at parkrun on Saturday – which means I don’t have to run, I can just smile and say good morning to everyone.


Secretly I think I might be starting to miss running (weirder things have happened)


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