OMG… what have I done now !

Last night I was sat quietly watching re-runs of call the midwife when an email from “great run” (the people who do the Great North run) popped up on my phone, I have to read it because I am signed up for the Great North run this September and it might contain important information.

I should have stopped reading when I saw “We’ve got a brand new event” because clearly this is not information about the half marathon, but no, like a lemming I kept reading.

“ULTRA LONDON” it said, (I should have deleted this email at this point) wtf was I thinking…… I can’t run an ultra, why was I still reading this email? Did I stop there? NOPE, not me, like a mug I scrolled down and saw London 27.5 a 27.5km route that includes Wimbledon common, Richmond Park, and Richmond green.

Sounds fabulous, and exciting and different and not much further than a half marathon (which is 21k) in fact, it’s pretty much only a parkrun further than a half marathon. I swear to god if I hear anyone actually say, “only a parkrun left” during any of my long distance runs I will probably be in court on a murder charge before the day is over.

FAQs …  is there a cut off time; of course there will be a cut off time, it will be ridiculously short like 4 hours or something and that will mean I can’t do it and I can sulk about how NON INCLUSIVE …. Oh fuck, 7 hours, It’s a 7 hour cut off, that can’t be right? Fuck me its right, can I run or run/walk 17.08 miles in 7 hours? I can run 13.2 in under 4hrs so I should be able to do 3 miles in less than 3 hours even if I have to crawl.

Feeling very pleased with myself for less than a Nano second, as the doubts suddenly started to creep in, I text one of the people who is my friend, advisor and one of my biggest supporters, but also who has enough sense to tell me when I am over stretching myself. Did she save me? Did she fuck! “You can do anything if you train for it” (That’s not what she said when I mentioned doing zero to hero I’ll have you know)

Before I knew what was happening I had my purse out, my credit card scanned and I had signed up to take part. I didn’t even check the fucking calendar!!!

I then realised it was the same weekend as Bournemouth Marathon weekend where I have entered a 10k and a 5k run and more importantly – where I have a score to settle! but actually this one sounds fun and different and it’s something I haven’t don’t before, and it has a 7 hour cut off (literally unheard of that there is a cut off that I am not looking at thinking “that’s tight”) in less than a heartbeat I have made my decision and cancelled my hotel room for Bournemouth.

I am doing a mini ultra !

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