It’s too far, and I can’t be arsed !

Yesterday I set out to run parkrun, I haven’t run 3.1 miles non stop for quite a long time.(and unsurprisingly I still haven’t)

I ran with my sister and she’s a bit of a one speed wonder, just give her a shove and off she goes, never faster, never slower, never fucking stops ! I was quite confident as we set off, she’s puffing like a steam train and I’m doing not too bad. Is it faster than we usually run she asks? I look at my watch errrm NO !

Up the zig zags and down the other side, my legs are dying (still hurting from intervals) the pain in my hip is unbearable, I’ve got to stop, so I convince her I need to walk.

Not quite sure when I ran at 11:11 or for how long, (I suspect not far and not long) but I managed to complete parkrun, ran 2 miles walked 1 in 51 (ish) minutes.

What the fuck is that all about, why is my hip so painful, why can’t I actually run anymore.

Beginners after, I got there late, apparently my “standin” can’t “dick about” as well as me (it’s nice to know I’m good at something) beginners was extra tough, I tailed (mainly because I can’t actually run fast enough) there’s some speedy buggers in this group.

I have been asked to buddy someone at their graduation, I need to run 5k without walking before 6th July. And my training plan starts on 1st July, at the moment I can barely run faster than a slow walk.

As the beginners set off I was literally begging for Steve to shout “walk” I’m convinced he forgets about that bit because the run section went on forever, he also found the biggest fucking canal bridge to cross over, so much for a flat route ! And to top it off, the slope by the boardwalk (I hate that hill, and Steve’s idea of flat and mine are miles apart)

This morning I am providing first aid cover at Mk24 a 24hr endurance event being run for the first time by our club, people are running between 10k and I think one person is on about 15 laps so 150k and there is still 4 hours to go. What makes me laugh is these people are walking perfectly normally, (I’m fucking limping after my nearly 10k yesterday!) it’s a good job I’m just sat on my arse waiting for people to fall over, if anything serious kicks off, they had better collapse somewhere near me, because I am NOT racing to the top of beacon hill to rescue anyone

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