Parkrun # 42

Today I ran my 42nd parkrun. Today I ran with Lizzie again who is making a return to running after a break.

Lizzie announced. That she was running 120/60 splits which means run two minutes, walk a minute. We use this method with our beginners slowly building up the running time, so it’s also a useful method for returning runners to build back up their distance and stamina.

The plan as always with Lizzie was “do not die” so we set off at a “gentle pace”

Our first 2 minute section was 13:30min/mile pace (that is not fucking gentle) and within 3 sets we were up to 12:15 (that’s just ridiculous)

We carried on, huffing, puffing and blowing out our backsides, Lizzie shouting “run” and “walk now” at the required times. We turned camp hill corner on a run section and managed to get 11:24 for that 2 min set (it’s downhill )

Lizzies’ watch broke at that point (bloody Garmin can’t be trusted at all!!! ) so we had no clue when to walk and when to run, unfortunately we were also at the bottom of the zig zags, so we walked. It seemed like the sensible option.

Miracle of miracles the watch started working again at the top of the hill, (who would have thought that would happen) so we waited for the next run section and set off again.

We remained pretty consistent at about 12:15 minute miles occasionally sneaking in a faster set and were working really hard for each set, we both definitely needed to walk when the walk break came. Strangely though, I was quite enjoying it.

We turned the last corner and headed for the line, I wondered if the two minutes would end before the finish line. I was just about to ask Lizzie when I noticed that instead of being slightly behind or by my side like she had been the whole way round…. she was about 5 paces ahead !!

What the actual fuck ? Could have announced a sprint finish, could have said “I’m going for it” or “I’ll race you” but no, not Lizzie, like a sneaky little stealth rocket she was off and ahead before I had a chance to react.

It might have only been 30 seconds but she got up to 9 minute mile pace!! Awesome work.

I worked hard, felt I worked well and we achieved our goal, we didn’t die.

I also proved I CAN run faster than I thought I could (even if it’s only in two minute intervals)

I might run with Lizzie again (if she will have me)


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