Should I attempt to run a Marathon?

Yesterday was the London Marathon, and according to the results gizmo 99 people from our club were scheduled to run it, I recognised some of the names, I have sponsored some, I have encouraged a couple, I have even run with a few, but I never realised just how many were running it. (I wonder which running club had the highest number of runners)

Anyway, after my 7k (I know, it sounds pathetic doesn’t it) thoughts turned to my half, and that actually the Great Manchester half in 3 weeks is my 4th half marathon. No, I’m not fast, no, not very good, but I have done them and didn’t die…. could I actually complete a marathon?

(Yes, yes, I know. What a fucking stupid idea, I hate running, don’t enjoy it at all, i hate training, I will do anything to get out of actually running…. but what if ???)

I am 55 years old this birthday, can this morbidly obese, naturally lazy, hater of running actually complete a marathon?

Having already decided that IF I’m going to do one, it needs to be an easy one I have done some research.

I have come up with a list of criteria

1. Must not be Laps (can’t even bare laps at parkrun, I’m definitely not doing it at a fucking marathon

2. No hills

3. Must be pretty

4. Must have a really really long cut off time

So far this one looks like it ticks some of the boxes !

But why? Why am I even thinking about it ? I genuinely have no idea. Do I want to do something I genuinely don’t think I can do? Is that even the right attitude to approach this with.

I never thought I could cycle from London to Brighton (I have)

I never thought I could scuba dive (I have)

I never thought I could influence or encourage people (I have)

Why can’t I do this ? Why would I want too?

Does anyone else go through this kind of ping pong !!


One thought on “Should I attempt to run a Marathon?

  1. Having read the furore that has been unleashed by the official pacer for 7.30hrs and other comments in the press I think you would be setting yourself up for a massive heartbreak.


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