Drawing willies is the only good thing about 1km repeats

Seriously….. I have a love / hate relationship with them.

I know they are important and therefore have to be done, but do they have to be so hard.

As expected the run out was far to fast and far to long for my liking, although for a change there was a young lady running with us who was about my pace so we trotted along together. She asked me if I ever got upset that the other runners were galloping off into the distance while I was huffing and puffing along at snails pace.

“Oh yes” I replied and the conversation continued where I explained that some times I was reduced to tears by my inability to keep up or keep going fast enough for long enough, and that many times I wondered why I bothered, she asked me why I did bother and I gave the reply that my GP had warned me that if I didn’t exercise I would die (which is true) but it isn’t the real reason. The truth is that as a result of running and joining the club, I now have real life actual friends (sad but true)

That rather grumpy conversation about how depressing/irritating/soul destroying always being last is, lasted until we finally made it to our first stop, where we did some running drills to improve our running style (don’t mind them, except the skipping one, which of course is now compulsory in all drills sessions because the bitch just loves to see my demented version of skipping)

Then off they all shot again for the 200 yard run to the actual start point, where once again we came in last by a long way.

I’m there, sweating my tits off, wondering just how few 1km repeats I can get away with while everyone else is practically chomping at the bit to set off and do a million before we head back. I took the lady who had done the run out with me and off we went, The route is along the road, curl round up the side of the highest footbridge in the world, over the bridge (which isn’t flat) the curl round the down at the other end of the bridge, along the road, negotiating a crossing next to the old folks home, which is dead quiet until we arrive then the world and his wife want to visit Grandad, under the underpass and back to the start.

We finished the first loop having already seen runners well into their second loop so I persuaded Annette to do loop 2 with the young lady (Annette needed to run after her marathon and I was knackered anyway) I did consider doing a second loop but meh !

All the quicker runners were back so I very nicely suggested they could get one more loop in if they were quick and they set off faster than is really necessary when you have already run at least 5 loops (far too keen if you ask me)

And then it was time to go home, I had done the square root of >insert swear word< all, so I thought I’d better show willing and ran all the way back to where our run begins. Go me !!

Oh and I got a willie Pb (hilarious I know)

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