6 miles

I ran 6 miles tonight and it wasn’t awful !!!

I didn’t like the hills, the midges, the heat, the pain in my feet, or the tight calf muscles. All that aside the run itself was quite pleasant.

It’s Wednesday, “step up to half” day and I was as usual running with Rachel, the one pace wonder, who pulls out consistently paced miles every week, I genuinely wish I could run as consistently as she can.

It was flipping hot, quite sunny too, so I wore shorts, I quite liked it, I’ve never really run in shorts before, one day I would like to be skinny enough to run in a skirt, but for now, shorts was quite nice.

We chatted about brownies (little girl guides, not the chocolate cakes) and men’s running shorts, and speedy people doing loops on hills, we found Winnie the Pooh park (I must take my grandson on his bike), and the delights of eating warm jelly beans (yep, really!!)

All in all, I think I’ll chalk that one up on the “didn’t hate it” board and hope that my feet stop hurting soon.


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