Flying feet grrrr

My lovely nephew, who has taken up running in the last 12 months is one jammy fucker !!

I am so jealous…..

He has run a couple of 5k runs and two 10k runs and not only is he a speedy whippet – he already has a flying feet photo.

He absolutely wipes the floor with my running times, and seems to be improving at a great rate of knots.

What makes it worse, he didn’t even know “flying feet” was a thing!! what sort of a runner are you, nephew of mine that you don’t know it’s the holy grail of running photos !!

Clearly the lad has much to learn, and as his relative I felt it was my duty to enlighten him. (It’s actually really nice that having not had much of a relationship with him during his youth we have been able to connect through running and have some conversation.)

So now the lad now knows that “flying feet” is a thing and that I’m jealous, I feel I have contributed greatly to his adult education and assisted in his running development!

As for me? I will continue in my pursuance of the illusive


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