Road trip comes to an end

I haven’t written much about our little road trip, not because there hasn’t been much to write about, there was far too much merrymaking going on and not really a lot of running, but oh my god we walked fucking miles. Not just once, every bloody day!

I usually manage about 5000 steps if it’s a normal work day, slightly more if it’s a running day, but to go over 10,000 every day is ridiculous.

On Sunday I took part in the Logicom Paphos Marathon event, I’d had fuck all sleep and I’m really not a morning person, we got a taxi to the bus station and walked from there to the start, the weather was bloody lovely and that took my morning grumps away. I managed to leave my camera with Jane who unfortunately was injured and now not running which meant I could take photos of the other runners who finish after me!! (Yes, they are running much further)

Eventually our event started and we struggled through the start pen (my only criticism of the whole event is the start pen was not well organised. We crossed the start line and headed off up a hill, round the back of the promenade we had walked up several times this week, past the bus station and up another incline, only one side of the road was closed so there were cars coming at us but I wasn’t too bothered, we hit the 2k mark in good time and turned off the roads and towards the beach, to our surprise there was a water station, we grabbed a bottle each and continued on

I was disappointed to see this just a few yards on from the water station, the picture really doesn’t show how terrible it was, bottles everywhere, some full, some empty, it really does make my blood boil. I appreciate that full bottles are heavy, but it takes two seconds to empty the water out and then the empty bottle is light enough to carry, it’s only a 5k it’s not going to hinder you for long. One of my pet hates is runners litter.

We hit the scenic part of the run and what a sight, the water here is such a lovely colour, and the waves are stunning, I could sit and watch for hours but Rachael wanted to keep going, (hang on, we’ve got 90 minutes to run this fucking thing, can’t I spend 20 of them here I’m thinking) so keep going we did !!

I really enjoyed that run, I was relaxed and comfortable throughout, wasn’t racing, wasn’t put under any self imposed pressure to PB or even to get a good time.

Got my camera back from Jane and started taking photos, while I was waiting I used my phone, managed to get some reasonably lucky shots

Sue with great determination and a lovely running style (and flying feet)

All in all….. I’ve had a great first Redway roadtrip, spent some quality time with some quality people, laughed, cried, and sung and walked bloody miles !!


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