10 mins running x 2

I went running last night, I decided it was time to actually attempt to approach things seriously and see if I can still shift my enormous arse faster than a shuffle.

I put out a begging post on our beginners group Facebook page and two willing volunteers came along to help me. The funny thing about beginners is they always think you are doing things for them and they are always really grateful. In truth this was a completely selfish act, I needed to prove to myself I could run (without much pressure.)

I led them through a wonderful warm up of, let’s walk with purpose to the post and back, now let’s do like lungy walking to the post and back, high knees to the post, butt kicks back, swingy leg thingies, a few arm swings ok let’s run !

That ten minutes nearly killed me ! They were chatting away and I was puffing louder than Thomas the tank engine on a bad day. We ran through the local park to out the other side. It was perfectly timed because as we popped out at the main road my watch vibrated so we walked up and down for three minutes then headed back through the park.

It felt a bit “uphill” but I kept my gob shut, they seemed to like the route and weren’t complaining so no point in upsetting the apple cart, me- I was just praying for the ten minutes to end soon.

The problem with being the “leader” is you can’t really say “fuck this” and start to walk, (which is why I asked people to join me, so I couldn’t say fuck this, which I would have)

We did some actual stretches, calf, thigh, back, butt, arms and then said our goodbyes

I quite enjoyed it, it was a reasonable pace, I was breathless but not gasping, I knew I was running but wasn’t constantly trying too keep up.

I’m very glad I did it

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